Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sending our first heart.... Dear Aidan

Last night I completed my first heart pouch for a family who lost a son named Aidan. My oldest son Nathan, who is 6 almost 7, helped video tape our prayer over the heart for their family and for sweet Aidan. Nathan also took pictures and we emailed the video and the pictures to their family last night with a promise that their heart pouch would be in the mail within two weeks. It was an INCREDIBLE experience for Nathan and I to have this very special task to do together and he was SO PROUD to be using his camera and skills for heaven's work. What a wonderful experience.

Aidan's family, we thank you for allowing us to do this for you. It was truly a pleasure and a blessing for us. I'm having difficulty uploading the pictures and video up here but bear with us and we will make it work :-)

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