Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cerclage detail that I forgot- Teflon tape!

Oh my goodness, my husband just remembered a HUGE detail about my FIRST cerclage (two Shirodkar stitches, NO CERVIX at the time of placement). The doctor also used a Teflon tape, yes, Teflon tape vertically along the inside of my cervix to keep it shut along with the stitches. I have never heard of anyone else having this done and I have no idea if this is common practice or if this is something he felt he needed to do to keep N inside because the situation was so bad at only 10 weeks. Just like he decided to do the second stitch mid surgery. So, hubby gets the credit for remembering this detail, and I'm so sorry I didn't put this in sooner!


  1. HI melanie!any way to tell me who your doctor was in Florida? i lost my baby boy in March of this year due to PPROM at 18 weeks. doctors say it was due to infection found in my placenta and that they would watch my cervix for my next pregnancy but did offer a preventative cerclage if i wanted it. can you tell me who your doctor was in Florida? i live in Tampa

  2. Hello Anon. Please send me an email at amorecappa@gmail.com and I will give you that information :-)


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