Monday, January 13, 2014

Honesty is always the best policy

I want to be upfront about the new ads you may be seeing on my blog. I'm new to blogging and very new to the possibility of monetizing my blog. I don't think I generate enough traffic to make any money but I'm going to try it out for awhile. I will try to keep the ads small and content based but I may just scrap it all because I don't like how it can devalue a blog and my only goal remains to connect with others who want to share their stories and gather information to help with maintaining pregnancies. There is such conflicting information regarding what you can make from a blog and there are so many variables to take into consideration, many which I will never be savvy enough for and I don't want this to turn into anything other than what I intended when I started this blog a year ago. Honestly, I'm just curious, easy money on the internet always seems truly unattainable and I'm fascinated by some of these "mommy bloggers" who are raking in six figures (crazy right?) but I've seen time and time again how these awesome legitimate blogs unavoidably change once blogging becomes a main source of income.... Particularly with being a part of such an emotionally charged and sometimes fragile community delving into death, grief, fear, and other raw and very private things.... I just don't believe that the sincerity and integrity of a blog of this type can remain so when any alternate exchanging of goods/clicks/monies/time is involved. I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with this, good or bad just to share.... and I may blog my experiences so that people with their own blogs who have more traffic or different niches may benefit from some of these programs even though I may not. I will be posting some more soon after the move. Thanks everyone!

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